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Our kit
Our kit
Kieran's "collage" of what a full piece will look like.
His swatch.
His swatch.
The reverse side of his swatch.
The reverse side of his swatch.

Another stunning brioche design by Kieran Foley.


Be sure to get the pattern directly from the designer on his Ravelry page here What we offer is simply yarn to knit this beautiful piece with.  The cost of the pattern has not been added. 


The Design

Here is how Kieran describes Black Forest Brioche:

A swirling brioche pattern with echoes of Jugendstil, the German counterpart of Art Nouveau.

Jugendstil combines geometric elements with sinuous curves inspired by flowers and plants. Please note that the pattern assumes you are familiar with the brioche knitting technique!

The pattern combines brioche knitting with stacked stitch decreases.

Brioche stitches include brioche knits and purls, sl1yo, and a 1 - 9 stitch increase. The stacked decreases are 9 - 1 stitch stacked centered double decreases.

Please note that this is a charted pattern with some notes on brioche techniques.The chart shows patterned rows only and does not use standardized Brioche symbols and notation.

Yarn and Colorways 

Our yarn for this kit uses one of the exact yarns and colorways of the original though we substituted another solid-colored yarn for his contrast color. You can see our yarns in the upper right-hand corner of the top photo and again below that.

For his lighter colorways, Kieran used Schoppel Wolle Zauberball Crazy, Gartenparty colorway.  He contrasted it with a dark almost-solid color yarn, a purple.

Heknit a swatch using about 266 yards of the Zauberball and 218 yards of the almost-solid colorway and got a piece that is 19in/48cm long by 19in/48cm wide with a gauge of  approximately 14 stitches and 24 rows = 4 inches/10cm in Brioche stripes

He estimates thus that if you would knit a piece with thirteen repeats of the chart you will have a wrap that is approximately 66in/167cm long by 20in/51cm wide, requiring a bit more than one ball/skein of each colorway. 

He does suggest that if one finds oneself running short of yarn it is fine to stop on any row of the chart or indeed to supplement either yarn with a comparable yarn, leftovers of different yarns, splicing in lengths every now and then for more variety in the colorwork.


Our kits will default to include one skein of each of the yarns listed below.  That will allow a piece slightly smaller than the 13 repeats he shows in his collage photo shown here. 

You should allow two balls/skeins of each colorway for a larger project.


Our kit is composed of one skein of each colorway as described here:

1.  Zauberball Crazy (75% wool + 25% nylon with 459 yards(420 meters) per 100g ball).  This yarn is plied with long color runs.  This colorway is the same as the one that Kieran used, Gartenparty and has lovely runs of spring time colors including yellow, pink, rose, teal, and violet (those are the main ones I see). 

2.  Our solid colorway is a different yarn than the one Kieran used in his piece.  This is a brand-new yarn from Juniper Moon Farm called Moonshine Fine, a fingering weight made up of 30% baby alpaca + 30% wool + 25% nylon + 15% Silk and with 437 yards (400m) per 100g skein. It has a marvelous hand!  This colorway is a bit lighter than the one Kieran used.  This is Violet and is a lovely medium purple hue. 


Again, a reminder, you would like to make a larger piece, get two kits for 2 x 2 = 4 skeins of yarn. 

And again, to remind you that alternatively you might have in your stash other yarns that would work with this and you can supplement the kit with them for additonal visual interest (which is indeed what Kieran did with his).