Jul Designs: Filigree Honeybee Shawl Pin

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Jul Designs says on their website: 

We believe shawl pins should not only be beautiful.  They should be interesting.  

We are inspired by travel and art, ethnic and historic design and the natural world.  We bring these influences into our collections and work to tell the stories that informed the shapes we produce for you.  

We want these stories to be part of what makes our pieces interesting and we always care whether they are beautiful.  

You spend time making your garments and accessories.  You look for gorgeous and sensuous materials and devote your physical energy to what you create.  

We feel a sense of responsibility to respond to that devotion and attention by devoting and attending to the ornaments we make that help you to feel fabulous in your knitted and crocheted creations.


That is so well said!

This shawl stick, the Filigree Honeybee one, is an ode to the vital pollinators of Earth.  

Truly lovely!


Handmade Fair Trade in Indonesia

White Brass

Stick length: 4 inches

Total length: 5.25 inches