Kaleidoscope Poncho: Kits in Worsted Weight

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Kit A:  #377 + Sunset
Kit A: #377 + Sunset
Kit B: #471 + Pines
Kit B: #471 + Pines
Kit C:  #413 + Azul Profundo
Kit C: #413 + Azul Profundo
This and each following photo shows a poncho as knit by BarbAnn, all © BarbAnn Pappas
This and each following photo shows a poncho as knit by BarbAnn, all © BarbAnn Pappas

Oh yum! 

It was love at first sight when I saw the Kaleidoscope Poncho by BarbAnn Pappas.  I contacted BarbAnn right away and we talked about this most intriguing project.  


Please get your pattern directly from the designer's Ravelry page here What we offer is kits of yarn specially selected for this beautiful piece.  


The Design

Here is what BarbAnn writes:

Infinitely wearable, this top down, two pointed poncho is knit in the round.

Pools of color are formed using long color changing or gradient color yarns. Short rows create a dynamic pattern that dances across the fabric giving a sense of movement.

As you knit lively shapes emerge that mirror and complement each other just like a Kaleidoscope.

The Yarns and Colorways

The pattern is written to be used with worsted weight yarn, fingering weight yarn or anything in between, the main differences being the neckline and the length.  And the choices are written in there for you. 

The designer suggests a Main Color composed of a self-striping or color gradient with long color runs. (Variegated yarns with short color changes will not produce the desired effect.)

For a poncho of Worsted Weight yarn she recommends 600-700 yards of the Main Color, to be knit with size 8 needles (5mm).

And then one also needs a Contrasting Color.  This must be a solid or semi-solid in similar weight that compliments or contrasts with the Main Color. Depending on weight approximately 250-300 yards are used.

We have put together some kits using Noro's Silk Garden (45% silk/ 45% mohair/ 10% wool with 109 yards (100m)/ 50g) as the Main Color and Malabrigo's Rios (100% merino superwash with about 210 yards/ 100g) as the contrasting color. 

You can see our kits in the inset photos on the top picture and again in the second, third, and fourth photos on this page.  The other pictures are of BarbAnn's original ponchos, all © BarbAnn Pappas

These are in the worsted weight category. Six skeins of the Silk Garden (6 x 109 = 654 yards) plus two skeins of the Rios (2 x 210 ayrds = 420 yards) will make up each kit and give you plenty of yardage for a marvelous piece.  

(If you want an extra skein of either, contact us and if we have it we'll work out a special kit for you. )


Kit A: (Sorry, sold out)

1.  Silk Garden in Color #377, a rich blend including blues and burgundy, with some gray and teal, aqua, sea green, brown and yellow, and all the tones in between.  

2.  Rios in Sunset, a bright and lovely glowing almost-solid amber.


Kit B:  

1.  Silk Garden in #471: Maniwa.  This is a frosty beauty, with soft gray, charcoal, teal and violet as the main hues.  

2.  Rios in Pines, an almost-solid in deep evergreen. 


Kit C: (sorry, sold out)

1.  Silk Garden #413: A delicious coolness including black, navy, blue, fuchsia, teal, and green as the main tones I see.  

2. Rios in Azul Profunda or Paris Night, both deep blues .