Kamile/ Kreations by Kristi

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Oh my goodness gracious.


A wonderful half-round lace shawl design by Kristi, Kamile creates a beaded waterfall of beauty.

Kamile is knit from the top down in five matching panels to form a half circle. Some knitters even made this lovely using seven panels (!!).

The pattern is written with charts only and is rated as a medium difficulty. You will need to be able to read and follow charts -- though the instructions are clear and concise, fear not! The Wrong-Side rows are patterned as well as the Right-Side rows -- for this very reason we have set up an informal KAL support thread on our Ravelry group to help anyone knitting this.

And it is very worth making indeed.

Plan on using any lace weight to fingering weight yarn that appeals to you. Any brand can be used. The original shown here (the 58 "x 27" version) used 800 yds of fingering weight yarn. Another larger 70" x 32" version used 1200 yards of Wollmeise 100% fingering weight. Other test knitters used Lace Garn, again about 1200 yards (you can use any other yarn brand of lace weight yarn).

Kristi notes: "You can use a smaller needle such as US#4-5 (3.5-3.75mm) for either version, resulting in a slightly smaller version as well as less yarn, subtract 50 or 75 yds for one size smaller and 75 or 100 yds for two sizes smaller. " So overall figure on anywhere between 800 - 1200 yards (686 - 1097 m) and you should be fine.

Beads are optional, however they are an integral part of the design. Size 6/0 seed beads for fingering and size 8/0 Toho or Miyuki seed beads (that's what we carry and their quality is superb) for lace weight yarns are best.

Size for the larger version can be adjusted smaller by using a very fine lace weight yarn and smaller needles such as US#4 or 5 (3.5 or 3.75mm).

This is a real beauty. Truly heirloom quality.

We are delighted to be able to offer this -- and have no reservations that you will find it a marvelous creation.