Katia Concept: 10 Shiny Shades (Actually 5)

A close-up
A close-up
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10 Shiny Shades is an intriguing idea from Katie yarns. Each spool of shiny thread is made up of 70 % viscose + 39% polyester, and has 1,148 yards to its 30 grams. 

intended as a carry-along thread, this will add a marvelous glow to any piece. We brought in five colors that we thought could work beautifully as part of your holiday knitting. 

Green  is pretty self-explanatory, a true green shot through with silver.

Teal is basically a green with a touch of blue to it, again shot through with silver.

Fuchsia is a beautiful rich rose, shot through with glowing rosy threads..

Pewter is a dark silvery hue, almost a charcoal, with silver. 

Silver is just what it sounds like, though the silver highlights are a bit brighter and the whole has a lovely glow.