Katia Darling Rainbow #302 and 303

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Color #302
Color #302
Color #303
Color #303

These yarns are from Katia.  

 Darling Rainbow has the same yardage and fiber composition as their better known Darling:  208 yards (190 meters) to each 50 gram ball. It is made of 60% of virgin wool and 40% polymide.

What is different about the Darling Rainbow is that the color runs are a bit shorter.  Great for socks and scarves and even shawls. 

Color #302 showcased very birght tones of orange and red and burgundy with some purple and black interspersed.   Our photo shows three of these so you an see how the colors run. 

Color #303 has a rich and cool array of colors, spaced out into its color runs.  I see black and purple and merlot and rose, grey, and cream as well, depending on where in the color sequence one starts.  Our photograph shows four of these so you can get an idea of the changing look.