Katia Ombre Sets/ 100% Merino Wool

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Only one Red set left in stock, now at a generous 25% off! 


These yarn sets are from Katia.  The yarn is 100% extrafine merino.  Each of these is a set of 6 yarns in graduated colors, totaling 150g, each smaller skein being 25g/92 yards.   

So you will end up with 552 yards. 

We have limited quantities in four colorways.  Make your choice from the drop-down menu and have a wonderful time. 

Violets: This one runs from a pink into lavender to jam to amethyst to mulberry to raisin (I hope my names communicate.)

Blues:  From lightest to darkest, the range is from a pale arctic blue through an increase in tone to run through lapis and azure into a navy. 

Grays: From a pale cloud color, into deeper hues of dove and smoke and pewter and charcoal and finally ending in black. 

Reds:  This set starts wtih a deep red-orange and greadually deepens to a true red and then darker into ruby and garnet and finally a mulberry that is runs into the purple family.