Kenya/ Pattern by Ilga Leja

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Simple lines and beautiful swirls are just so appealing, don't you think?

Here is a lovely cowl from Ilga Leja, created as part of her Year of the Scarf patterns.

Kenya has the look of a color, with the beaded look of African jewelry. As Ilga notes, "Among certain African tribes, strings of beads are worn in colourful coils around the neck, often covering the shoulders.

"Regarded as signs of wealth and status, these decorative, multi-coloured beads form part of the traditional costume. The Kenya cowl reflects this common version of African jewellery."

This cowl is worked in the round, from the top down. The original used a handpainted silk and wool blend -- all you need in total is about 252 yards (230 meters) of a double knitting or light worsted weight yarn. It can be worked to any length you wish and can be extended to cover the shoulders even more.

You can figure that one size fits most as it forms a neck circumference of 50 cm./20 inch, while the circumference around shoulders at bottom edge is 112 cm./45 inch. The depth is 41 cm./16 in.

Level of Difficulty: Intermediate

A great take-along project in the warm weather; a marvelous gift to give in the cooler times.