KFI: Painted Sock: New Colorway: Wine Valley

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Whoa!  These are awesome!

From KFI comes their new Painted Sock sets of yarn.  These some in sets of two wound balls of sock (fingering) yarn in gradually changing colors.  Each ball will make one sock.  Your will get two balls as a unit.  And so you are assured of getting a matching pair!

Of course, you don't have to use these only for socks.  Matching mittens and gloves are a wonderful alternative or simply a scarf (or shawlette) melding gradually from one tone into the next.


The yarn is 75% superwash woo/ 25% nylon.  Each ball has 218 yards (200m)/ 50 g so your total will be this x 2 = 436 yards (400m)/ 100g.


This is a new one we just got in.  It is called Wine Valley and the colors really live up to the name.  Long color runs that gradually change one into the next, ranging from a lovely rose into a deep violet.