Khloris Lace Shawl/ Beaded Kits

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One ball of this yarn will be in your kit (+ beads).
One ball of this yarn will be in your kit (+ beads).

This is a new shawl by  Anna Victoria.  

In ancient Greek mythology Khloris was a Nymph associated with spring, flowers and new growth. Growing flowers in lace with dewdrops of beads!

It is a top down Crescent shape shawl. The amount of yarn will depend on the yarn used and gauge (needle size) but Anna recommends generally that you figure on needing 355 - 492 yards (325 - 450 m) of fingering weight yarn.


Please get your pattern directly from Anna hereWe offer the yarn and beads to knit this with via this web page.


The yarn we offer is not the same as what Anna used in her original.  You can see our yarn in the inset photo on the top picture and again below that.

This yarn is from Katia and is called Infinity Shawl.  This is 100% virgin wool with 656 yards (600m) per 150g ball (already wound for you; yay!).

So one ball should be plenty.

These skeins are dyed in gradually changing colors to form a whole that is really lovely.  

This colorway (unnamed but numbered 310) is a play on blues with a true blue gradually lightening and then blending more suddenly into a navy.  

For beads, you will need1132 beads for the version shown in the first photo.

Testers achieved various sizes measured down the ‘spine’ of the shawl towards the scallop, depending on the yarn , gauge and blocking, from 46 to 61 cm having required between 324and 450m of yarn to finish depending on the gauge and yarn.

Each kit will include three 35g containers of Miyuki or Toho 6/0 beads, giving you more than 1,200 beads. 

If you would prefer the smaller 8/0 beads (also Miyuki or Toho), knowing they will be a bit of a tighter fit on the yarn, just let me know and we will substitute for you (and refund $11 off the total cost of the kit).  

If you have a preference on bead color, tell me.  Otherwise I will chose for you.


So to sum up:

Get your pattern directly from Anna on her Ravelry page. 

This kit will include one ball of Katia's yarn as described about plus plenty of 6/0 beads from Miyuki or Toho.