Kieran Foley


I am truly enamored with Kieran Foley's  designs.  His use of color is awesome and I  particularly love his work with stacked  centers quadruple decreases.  Plus I had some  yarn I've been wanting to try out as well,  Wunderkleckse (from Schoppel) which is  created by splotch-dyeing a pre-knit piece  and then wound into a ball.  I wanted to see  how it would show up in Kieran's Jasper Lace,  hoping for intriguing color pooling.

I've only just begun it and so far, it is a  wonderful knit -- I love how it is  developing.   Plus it is ideal in that it  keeps my interest though doesn't require  super-concentration; I can knit while  binge-watching British cop shows, my favorite  evening indulgence. :-)

Well, as happens in knitting, this particular combo didn't work. I found the yarn colorway too "busy" and lost the stitch design within it. So I am frogging it and will start something else. Not a hardship -- it is wonderful that in knitting and crocheting, one can do so with no damage to yarn or anything. And there are so many wonderful designs and glorious yarns; I love that I can try yet another combination...