Kindred Spirits Braid - 3 Colorways + Pattern Suggestion

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© Cally Monster
(Here just to show you the design.)
© Cally Monster (Here just to show you the design.)

These are truly amazing.

I quote the Alpaca Company here about their stunning Kindred Spirits Braids:

A beautiful combination of Halo and Mariquita that are exquisitely hand dyed to complement each other perfectly.

Presented in a beautiful braid that contains 50g of Halo, (514 yards) and 100g of Mariquita (400 yds).  With this much yardage, almost any shawl pattern could be tackled.

The total yardage is 914 yds/ 150g. 

Halo is a lace weight brushed Suri Alpaca ( 78% Brushed Suri / 22% Nylon). It is hand-dyed in a manner that create soft subtle pops of color, giving an overall look of a watercolor painting. 

Mariquita is a luxurious blend of 50% baby alpaca and 50% tencel. It has a subtle shine and a beautiful drape. 


We brought in three colorways:

Carnival is mostly cool hues, with a predominance of blues (+ rich magenta and soft sage and lilac among other colors). 

Nebula is another cool colorway, empahsizing violets.  There are sublte variegations adding greens and golds, purples and wisteria. (Sorry, sold out)  

Arctic Berry is brand-new and more tonal overall.  The main hues are all plays on red-violets with variations of tone and shade.  


There are so many beautiful patterns that these would look great with.  The one that particularly caught my eye was Floatini.

This shawl would look amazing with the main yarn being Mariquita and the Contrasting one being the Halo.  Take a look at these two which used just this yarn though different colorways.