Kisseis/ Beaded Shawl Pattern by Tori/ Bead Gift

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Another stunning shawl design by Tori Gurbisz of Lacheisis and Co.

This is a real beauty. I quote Tori here:

"A beautiful crescent shaped lace shawl named for Kisseis, the Lady of the Ivy. She is one of the Nysiades, nymphs of Mount Nysa, in Greek Mythology and caretaker of the young god Dionysus. Iridescent glass beads shimmer like dew in the sun on large ivy leaves. The shape helps the shawl stay secure on your shoulders and the large wingspan makes it great for wearing as a scarf.

"The shawl is worked from the top down, with varying increases every right side row. It begins with a garter stitch tab using a provisional cast on. To change the size of the shawl, repeats may be added or subtracted."

Now what we have for you via this web page is a hard copy of this pattern. If you should prefer a PDF file, Tori sells that on Ravelry.

What we do offer that is pretty special is a bead gift of free beads with the purchase of this pattern with enough yarn to make this lovely piece!

So what do you need?

The recommended yarn is a lace weight, 650 yards (594 m) worth. And we have some lovely lace weight yarn! [Take a look in our Lace Weight yarn section or simply click on the link below.]

So select your yarn and we'll include well over the 24 grams 6/0 glass beads (sample used approx. 23 grams) that you need to make this!

Figure also that you will need size 11 or thinner steel crochet hook for beading and a crochet hook for provisional cast on.

Tori rates the skill level needed for this as Adventurous Intermediate to Experienced.

And it is so beautiful, isn't it?