Kline Shawl/ 3 Kits in Shepherd Sock

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Kit #1:  Scout + Dobson
Kit #1: Scout + Dobson
Kit #2: Ahab + Violet
Kit #2: Ahab + Violet
Kit #3: Lenox + Naperville
Kit #3: Lenox + Naperville
Jennifer's original Kline Shawl
Jennifer's original Kline Shawl

Only one colorway left in stock!


As the weather warms, I find that I start searching for simpler knits.  I want one that can be taken on vacation, perhaps even knit in the car (as a passenger, doh!), picked up and put down during exciting soccer games, and still keep me engaged and joyful with the knitting. 

Jennifer Dassau has created just such a piece in her new Kline Shawl

Taking advantage of the lovely new colorways being developed with speckles of color in the skein, she has created a lovely design that will be fun to knit while not taking over your world. 


Please note that this kit does not automatically include the pattern.  Most of our knitters seem to prefer getting the pattern via Ravelry and this can be gotten on via Jennifer's Raverly page. Thus a copy will be saved to your Ravelry library and you will be updated right away should there be any changes.


The Design

Here is what Jennifer writes: 

Bold strokes of alternating smooth and rough texture stretch fluidly across this asymmetric shawl. The strict monochromatic palette is broken with colorful accents that transition to dominance at the far edge; try pairing a speckled yarn with a bold contrast for a striking visual result.

The Yarn and Colorways

We put together some kits that are not (!) the same colorway nor yarn that Jennifer used for her original shawl. You can see what we offer in the inset photos on the top picture and again below that.  The other photos are shown with her permission and in order to present the look of the shawl -- now use your imagination...

The yarn we offer her is from Lorna's Laces and is called Shepherd Sock.  This is a fingering weight yarn of 80% superwash merino/ 20% nylon and having 430 yards/ 100 gram skein.  

Colorwise, we have put together a few pairs that we are really pleased with. One skein of each colorway listed will be included in the kit of your choice. 

Kit 1.  Scout is a beautiful splatter colorway.  With a base of cream, there are spots and dashes of color in raspberry, fuchsia, purple and olive, green, and a small amount of sage. 

With it we paired Dobson, a lovely almost-solid in the same sage tone, which will allow it to work beautifully with Scout.  

Kit 2. The splatter-dash colorway in this set is called Ahab.  Again, on a cream base, these dashes and dots are reminiscent of the deep sea with sea green, violet and cobalt, and touches of golden sand as well.  

We have paired it with the solid colorway Violet which picks up and harmonizes with the Ahab most wonderfully.  

Kit 3.  Lenox is also on a cream base though its colors occupy more of the whole than the other two.  There are more dashes than dots, in other words.  I see pink and rose, and fuchisa; I see mint and turquoise; I see violet and blue.  A wonderful combination. 

With it we chose a tonal variegated: Naperville.  This mixes varying tones of blue from a light into a deeper hue.  It has a glorious depth to it and will work perfectly with Lenox, allowing to contrast as well as play well together.

The Pattern 

A reminder: the kit does not automatically include the pattern.

The best way to get this pattern is via Jennifer's Raverly page. This puts a copy in your Ravelry library and ensures you get any updates right away. 

However, should that not work for you for any reason, I can work out a printed copy for you or to email it directly.  Just contact us and we'll set you up with that option.



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