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Our Kit #1
Our Kit #1
Our Kit #2 (though you will get two of the mohair blend)
Our Kit #2 (though you will get two of the mohair blend)
Our Kit #3
Our Kit #3
Stephen's original larger sized shawl
Stephen's original larger sized shawl
His original shawl in the smaller size
His original shawl in the smaller size

.One of the most wonderful thing about the designs of Stephen West is the way he plays with color!

I've had my eye on his Knit 'n Slide for a while now -- with four colors used in the larger size, it is a palette for gorgeous creativity. 

I think we've put together some really lovely kits for this one.  And sincerely hope you like.


Please note: you must get the pattern directly from Stephen's Ravelry page What we offer here is yarn alone. 


The Design 

Here is what Stephen writes about this shawl: 

This top-down shawl is shaped with yarn overs for a long semi-circle shape.

The first section uses the knit ‘n slide technique, a super easy trick that creates the illusion of 2 rows knit/2 rows purl texture, but you’re only knitting!

The lacy border features a contrast color and giant yarn over wraps with Westknits shortcut rows to create the large scallops.

The Yarn and Colorways

We are not offering in our kits the exact yarn or colorways that Stephen used in his original piece.  You can see what we have put together in the inset photos on the top picture on this page and then below that. 

The other photos, of Stephen's shawls, are there to show you the design and used with his permission.  The smaller ones (greys and blues) were knit using only three yarns.  We offer kits for the larger ones (his as shown here used brighter colors notably lime), knit with four colors (one of which is a mohair blend). 

What is needed for this larger size (about 96” / 244 cm wingspan length,24” / 61 cm from CO to BO, measurements taken after blocking) is:

Color A - 325yds / 297m Color B - 325 yds / 297m Color C (mohair) - 250yds / 229m Color D (border speckle) - 300yds / 274m.

And he writes about colors A and B: 

Colors A & B are used for 1-row stripes. The sample colors in the large speckled size create a beautiful blended effect because they share similar colors. If you have 2 high contrast colors for A & B you will get a striped effect like the smaller gray sample.

(The large speckled size he refers to is the one you see on these pages with lime and other bright colors.  The smaller gray sample can be seen in the top photo.) 

Here is what we've put together -- and note that our Colors A, B, and D are interchangeable (in other words, you can choose any of these skeins for A or B or D): 


Kit #1 is rich and dramatic, one skein each as described here, mix however pleases you:  

APittura from Louisa Harding is a 75% wool/ 25% viscose blend, a 437 yard/ 400m ball  with short color bursts.  This colorway is called Flaming June and combines mostly black and purple and teal with richness and depth.  

B:  From Madeline Tosh, Tosh Merio Light is 100% merino with 420 yards (384m) per skein.  This is a rich variegated colorway called Paradox which blends fuchsia, purples and blue with some speckles of black. 

C:  For C one wants a mohair or mohair/silk blend.  We have Silk Cloud from Shibui, 60% kid mohair/ 40% silk, with 330 yards (300M) per 25g skein.  The colorway is Imperial, a marvelous merlot.  

D:  From Manos, here is Alegria, 75% merino superwash/ 25% nylon with 445 yards (405m) per 100g skein.  This colorway is their Manglar, an awesome mix of bright colors on a cream base --t here are dashes and dots as well as longer lines of fuchsia, merlot, turquoise, teal, purple lime, gold, green and some in between.


Kit #2 offers the colors of springtime, one skein for A, B, and D, plus two of C as described here: 

A:  From Malabrigo, Mechita is a 100% merino superwash with 420 yards (385m) per 100g.  The colorway is Art Nouveau and is a speckled colorway -- at first glance black but then one sees the subtle colors of reds and greens and golds scattered throughout. 

B: A Silk & Merino from Blue Heron Yarns, 50% tussah silk/50% fine  merino, each skein has 375 yards/ 4 oz.  The colorway is Summer Meadow, a variegated beauty combining summer greens and teal and violet iwth a bit of grey.  

C:  For our mohair blend we have Debbie Bliss' Angle, with 219 yards (200m) per 25g ball,76% mohair/ 24% silk.  The colorway is named Cloud and is a delicate greyed lilac. 

As one ball is a bit shy of the amount stated, your kit will include two. 

DElla Rae Lace Merino is a fingering weight yarn with 460 yards (420m) per 100g skein and of 100% Extrafine Superwash Merino Wool.  This colorway is a wondrous blend of Greens ranging from deep dark almost-black evergreen through true green into a bit of olive and also the yellower tones of spring greens.  


Kit #3 is a deep and vibrant combo, again one skein each to use where appeals:

A:  From Mountain Colors, Crazyfoot is 90% superwash merino/10% nylon with 425 yards per skein.  This colorway is called Solar Eclipse and is dashes of colors on a black background: gold, teal, magenta, and purple.  

B:  Same yarn, different colorway.  This is an almost-solid black called Raven.

C;  The mohair blend is from Lana Grossa, their Silkhair which is 70% mohair/ 30% silk, about 230 yards (210m) per 25g ball.  The colorway is Dark Plum, a deep wine. 

As this is so close to the 250 yards stated as needed on the pattern and as I know most designers give generous amounts, we will stick to one ball per kit. If you feel you want a second one, let us know and as long as we have stock, we'll work it out with you. 

D:  Madeline Tosh's Dandelion is 90% merino/ 10% fine linen with 325 yards (297m) per skein.  This colorway is Couteau, a tonal blend of teals and capri-blues


This is a tremendously fun knit!