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Kit #2:  Volcan + Art Nouveau
Kit #2: Volcan + Art Nouveau
Svetlana's original cowl.  These photos are all © Svetlana Gordon.
Svetlana's original cowl. These photos are all © Svetlana Gordon.

A lovely cowl design by Svetlana Gordon, the Chameleon Cowl will keep your interest and yield a simply gorgeous finished piece. 

Please note! You must get this pattern is via Svetlana's Raverly page. We do not carry it; this kit is for yarn only. 

The Yarn and Colorways

We are not offering the same colorways that Svetlana used though we are using some of the same yarns she chose and one of her colorway choices.

The photos of her cowl are shown here so you can see the design well. They are used with permission.

All that is needed for this is fingering weight yarn.  Svetlana used Malabrigo's Mechita for both her A and B, a full skein (100g) for A and a partial skein (only 20 grams) for B. 

This will give you a cowl that is 38 cm wide x 78 cm long (which translates to roughly 12" x 31". 

All of our Color A's  will be the gorgeous Mechita from Malabrigo, 100% Merino Superwash, with 420 ayrds/ 100g, well more than you will need.

Our Color B's will vary -- details below.     


Kit #1:  (Sorry, sold out)


Kit #2:  A is a strikingly fiery blend of colors in Mechita called Volcan.  There are browns and golds and oranges, in varying tones and shades, the whole being quite awesome indeed.  It actually seems to glow!

B will be in Mechita for this kit.  The colorway is a speckled black called Art Nouveau.  And how, you may ask, can a black be speckled.  If you look at the close-up photo you will notice there are lots of hidden colors within the overall look that look great with the warmth of Volcan.  I actually see colors that might have started out being red and green -- if I had to guess I would say the yarn was dyed in speckled rainbows and then overdyed in black.  


Your kit will consist of one skein of each of the yarns mentioned in either Kit #1 or Kit #2, whichever you choose. 


The Pattern

The pattern is fully written out, a chart for working short rows is included.  

We do not automatically include the pattern in these kits.  

Remember!  You must get this pattern is via Svetlana's Raverly page. This puts a copy in your Ravelry library and ensures you get any updates right away.