Koigu Collector's Club: Hinterland

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The third of our one-of-a -kind dye lots from Koigu!

These are very specially dyed KPPPM (175 yards (160m)/ 50g of 100% merino). 

This is the third of their new Koigu Collector's Club, a monthly limited edition, one-of-a-kind themed colorway of KPPM hand dyed by Taiu Landra, co-owner of Koigu Wool Designs. 

We are one of only 24 shops worldwide to carry these colorways. 


The first photos shows the yarn.  The last shows the inspiration. :-)

Called Hinterland, the folks of Koigu describe it as "snow overtones with twinkle speckle."  

On a cream background, there are dots and dashes of gray and gold in varying depths and tones, with occasional surprise streaks of burgundy and blue. 

A lovely glowing colorway -- I'd call it a warmish neutral.