Koigu Collectors Club: Mountain Rain

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Another of the one-of-a-kind dye lots from Koigu!

This is a great colorway in KPPPM (175 yards (160m)/ 50g of 100% merino), each skein having been hand-painted.  Each dye lot could be considered an original "painting".  

This is one of our Koigu Collector's Club offerings, a monthly limited edition themed colorway of KPPM hand dyed by Taiu Landra, co-ownder of Koigu Wool Designs.

There are only between 24 and 30 shops worldwide to carry these colorways. 

This was March's offering.

The second photo on this page shows the picture that was the inspiration for Mountain Rain.

The yarn is a cool delight of cream, grey, varying greens and some suprise highlights of pink and fuchsia. 

The first and third photos show the yarn.