Koigu Collector's Club: Sunflower

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One of a kind dye lots from Koigu!

A very special KPPPM (175 yards (160m)/ 50g of 100% merino), each skein is hand-painted.  Indeed you would be correct to consider each dye lot as an original "painting".  

This is one of their new Koigu Collector's Club, a monthly limted edition, one-of-a-kind themed colorway of KPPM hand dyed by Taiu Landra, co-ownder of Koigu Wool Designs. 

There are less than 30 shops worldwide to carry these colorways.  We are thrilled to be one of them.


This is September 2021's Sunflower, a happy melody of golds and yellows, bronze and brown, with a touch of sky blue as well and subtle suggestions of pale sage. 

It would also look superb paired with a solid. 


The first and third photos on this page shows the yarn.  The second shows the inspiration. :-)