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These are the yarns. Rich and delicious.
These are the yarns. Rich and delicious.

From the Late Winter 2020 edition of Vogue Knitting comes this beautiful cowl, knit in four colors of Harvest Fingering yarn from Urth Yarns.

(If you do not have the magazine and want this pattern, you can order it here , print and/or digital.)

The Design

The cowl is named Kyoto and was designed by Wei Wilkins:  

Inspired by the anceint Japanese capital, this cowl is provisionally cast on and knit in a combination of cables, lace, mosaic, stranded,and tuck stitches (think: the songs on your favorite mixtape) in an early '80s neutral palette, before the ends are grafted together. 

The Yarn

Harvest Fingering is a rather unique yarn, hand dyed using roots, fruits and nuts.  Of 100% extrafine merino, each skein gives 435 yards/100g and is delightfully squishy.  

The colors meld beautifully together and sing of the natural elements of which they are made.  There are subtle variations in each "harvest" so dye lots can be rather different.

The Colorways

These yarn colors are rich and beautiful, indeed much more lovely than the photos of the cowl itself show.  Our photo of the kit is far more accurate and pay attention to my word descriptions too.

Each kit will include one of each of these:

Oleaster has an antique ivory look. 

Black Grape is velvety deep boysenberry. Delicious!

Cranberry I feel is misnamed.  I'd actually have called it rose, or perhaps strawberry.  Regardless, lovely.

Pomegranate is surprisingly a rich and vibrant gold.