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Dragon's Dawn (though dyed on a different yarn base) in a 6-skein set as this kit would have.
Dragon's Dawn (though dyed on a different yarn base) in a 6-skein set as this kit would have.
Mary Queen of Scotts colorway, dyed in this Marine Silk as for this kit.
Mary Queen of Scotts colorway, dyed in this Marine Silk as for this kit.
Ashton's original shawl, © Ashton Betton
Ashton's original shawl, © Ashton Betton

We have some kits in-stock for Kyra, in both of these two most lovely colorways.  Read on for more details.


Please make sure to get the pattern from the designer's Ravelry page here What we offer is some delicious yarn and beads to create this beauty.

And all pattern sales are being donated to Alzheimers research!


Note that the design is best for an intermediate or experienced lace knitter.   Each section of the shawl construction is broken down into 3 or 4 charts. Each section contains the sequence for knitting each chart.


Truly, his shawl is jaw-droppingly gorgeous! 

By Ashton Betton, we offer here some kits to knit Kyra: The Friendship Shawl

Here is what Ashton writes: 

Kyra is a top down crescent shawl inspired by Herbert Niebling’s ‘Christel’ doily.

The leaf motif from the original is adapted to create overlapping leaves and give the shawl more depth, and the crescent shape is completed with the addition of wings on either side.

The stitch pattern at the bottom edge has been completely reworked to maintain the proportions of the shawl and remove the excess fabric of the original doily.

The Yarn

Neither our yarn nor our colorways are the same as what Ashton used in her original.   You can see what we have for our kits by looking at the inset photos on the lower two corners of the top picture on this page and again below that.

Our yarns are specially dyed for us by Kelly of The Unique Sheep.

As what is needed is a fingering weight or lace weight yarn with a total between 858 - 1390 yards (785 - 1271 m), we decided to go with a delicious heavy lace weight yarn.

The yarn we are offering now is a 70% cultivated silk/ 30% sea cell fiber.  With 150g, you will have a total of about 1,314 yards/ 150g.  

The Colorway

We are able to offer at this time two very different colorways.

1.  Dragon's Dawn:

This colorway all started with a visit to the Iris Gardens in Montclair, NJ, back in May of 2010. The irises were in bloom and many of these flowers displayed mixes of colors that I had never considered putting together.

The one that I really loved was an iris with soft delicate apricot into richer orange and nuances of rose and violet. I took a photo and sent it on to Kelly, and voila!

A new colorway is born. Kelly captured it beautifully.

But even though it was inspired by the Iris Gardens we felt that calling it by that name would be too confusing -- iris generally means something in the purple family.

And these colors are so very reminiscent of a soft and delicate sunrise. And the fiery glow of a dragon. Hence Dragon's Dawn.

Moving from a delicious rose into strawberry into apricot into an eggnog --- yum!

2. Mary Queen of Scotts:

This combo of colors will give you a most regal look.

The colorway is based on a lovely photograph that Mary Scott (Rav name: maryscottrph) offered in our last Color Game contest, of Piccadilly Circus.  And so we named it Mary Queen of Scotts, as a slight pun while knowing that it is fit for royalty indeed.  

It is a rich and truly stunning range of hues blending from soft pink into rose into lilac into violet.   


Beads are optional for this shawl but will be included in your kit (unless you tell us otherwise). 

As this is a lace weight yarn, we will be including 8/0 beads and to be sure you have enough, each kit will have about 50g of beads (roughly 2,000)

If you have a preference on bead color, tell me.  Otherwise I wll pick for you. 


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