Lace Flower: Lang Bank (+ Pattern Suggestions)

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Lace Flower is a stunning 100% Superwash Merino Wool yarn which features an extra-large cake with over 1300 yards!

With just one cake, nearly any project can be made. This is the same yarn as Schoppel's Lace Ball 100, but now it is a 1312 yard (1200m)/ 150 gram cake so you can have the full repeat of color!


This colorway is called Lang Bank (which translates in English to Long Bank).  Think of a river flowing downstream with woods on either side. 

It is a beautiful blend of slate blue into a watery blue into the blue of light clouds and then slides into the rich browns and umbers of the river bank -- deepening and then lightening --- before it comes again into the paler blues of the water.


This could be part of so many lovely designs. 

Just about any of the gorgeous lace creations of Anna Victoria would look lovely.

Many of Nim Teasdale's pieces would be great knit in this.

I think though that my favorites are two designs by Martina Behm :  Take a look at her Frattali and her Nuvem.  Simple but oh-so-rewarding and perfect vacation knitting, don't you think?

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