Lace Sleeves: Kit with Bead Option

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Left to right, the Pollocks are The Deep, Greyed Rainbow, and Blue Poles.
Left to right, the Pollocks are The Deep, Greyed Rainbow, and Blue Poles.
Lily's original
Lily's original

Only one kit left! 


Recently on our EarthFaire Ravelry forum, there has been a discussion of what types of items knitters and crocheters are interested in making, beyond shawls and scarves.  

And in response to your feedback, I've been doing some hunting.  

Lily Go is an amazing designer whose works we have featured often.  And when I noticed a few intriguing garment patterns of hers, well, you can figure out the rest. 

This is Lace Sleeves and here is what she writes:

The Lace sleeves Sweater is a sweater with laces on the sleeves and is echoed in the bottom part of the sweater which gives it a romantic and feminine look.

The smocking look-a-like stitch in the waist not only causes the sweater to cinch the waist but also adds an interesting detail in this sweater.

This sweater can be worked in a light weight fiber (green sample is knit in 100% cotton Baby Georgia) or in DK weight yarn. Alternatively, a wooly yarn can make the perfect fall garment.

No shaping in lace is required. All the shaping is done in the stockinette portions of the design. This sweater is knit in around, from top down, and in one piece, so there’s no seaming.

The Yarn

As Lily says, this garment can be knit in fingering weight yarn or in DK weight.  We do not offer the exact yarn that Lily used.  You can see our yarns in the inset photo on the top picture and again below that.  The other photos of her original pullover are shown so you can visualize the design. 

Our yarn is from Juniper Moon Farms and is their Pollock.  

Pollock is a lovely yarn from Juniper Moon Farm, a 55% Silk, 45% Linen blend with 349 yards (320m) per 100g ball.  

The colorways are a beautiful marled blend of colors, incorporating many hues together to make what at first glance looks lilke an almost-solid though one with great depth.  

This pattern is written so you can knit anything from a size 32" bust to 44" and uses yardages between 1000 yards to 1500 yards in DK weight. 

Lily does mention that for the DK weights, it is better to go down in size -- in other words if you size is notrmally Medium, go down one size to a Small. 


Our kits are set up so that you will get 4 skeins of yarn per kit.  That will give you 1,396 yards (1,280m) -- well more than you will need for all sizes through for a 40" bust, possibly enough for up to a 42" bust (especially per Lily's note mentioned above). 

If you would like more, contact me and as long as we have stock, I will set you up with an extra skein or two.  

(If you don't need four skeins and would prefer fewer, just let me know that too and I'll either refund a skein or set you up with a special web page.)


The Colorways

#106:  Greyed Rainbow:  This combines pinks and golds and violets in a soft warm neutral blend.  

#107: The Deep:  This is a somewhat darker blend of colors, including again pinks and adding roses and lilacs with a touch of gray.   

#108: Blue Poles:  As it suggests, this is a blend of varying blues from pale cloudy skies to deep oceans, some with a touch of aqua to them and some tending towards indigo.  



No, there aren't beads specifically called for in this one -- except for two that you use for the ends of the lace to tie in front --- but they could easily be added, perhaps at the edges or wherever it appeals.  


We offer the option (via the drop-down menu labeled "Kits") to get your kit as the Yarn Only or Yarn + a 35g container of size 6/0 beads, chosen particularly to go well with your yarn color.  This would give you about 420 beads, + or -, to put where you decide they should go.  

The Pattern

We set up this kit with yarn plus the bead option and have not automatically included the pattern. We offer three options for getting the pattern.

1. If you prefer to get your pattern via Lily's Ravelry page here (and thus have it saved in your Rav library) then set the drop-down menu to "No Pattern Needed."

2. Or we can print out a hard copy for you and send it along with the kit.  That option is also via the drop down menu; note that there are 26 pages, all of which will be included

3. Alternatively, I can directly email the pattern to you.  This is not automatic, however.  Usually I send the pattern when I am about to ship the pattern.