Laurien/ Pattern by Sivia/ Beaded Shawl

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This is a stunning piece.

Sivia describes it thusly:

Laurien is a luxuriously wide triangle shawlette that is worked from the neck down. It is shaped to produce a beautiful fit in the shoulders. This design calls for two bead colors for a dimensional effect.

In my sample, bead A is brighter and therefore seems to come forward. Bead B is darker (but contrasting enough with the yarn that it is still seen well) and seems to recede. The effect could be achieved in different ways by varying texture, color, and brightness. Or it could be reversed for a different effect.

Yarn needed: Fingering weight sock yarn, 400 yards.

Bead requirements: Size 6/0 beads, 740 (524 Bead A, 216 Bead B)

Finished size: 59 x 10 inches; 150 x 25 cm.

Wow. This is really beautiful.

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