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Our Ash Gradiance set + Lava contrast skein
Our Ash Gradiance set + Lava contrast skein
Jennifer's original shawl
Jennifer's original shawl

We are really pleased with this kit we put together with the help of Kelly of The Unique Sheep (TUS) for this beautiful design.

From the amazing needles of Jennifer, Lavish Craft on Ravelry, this is called Lava Shawl

Please purchase your pattern directly from Jennifer on her Lavish Craft Ravlery page. What we offer here is our own kit of yarns for this design.


A fairly simple piece, this just struck me with its use of neutral colors and its gentle sophistication.  

Our kits use a different gradiently dyed yarn than what Jennifer used for her original.  She suggests 200 yards x 3 in greys + one 200 yard contrast skein.

Kelly and I brought in a brand-new yarn for this (it still needs a name), composed of a blend of 60% merino/ 20% alpaca/ 20% nylon.  It has a delcious squishiness to it and a softness tempered with the memory that is characteristic of wool. It is plied and will show stitch work beautifully. 

Each set includes 6 small-ish skeinettes of 25 grams each and about 109 yards of yarn so you will have a total of 6x109 = 654 yards of greys, divided into 6 distinct tones.  (Notice that Jennifer's original shawl has 7 segments; you can either stop at six or use a left-over for a seventh.) 

Kelly dyed this in a lovely new Gradiance colorway we are calling Ash.  This is a play on neutrals, not quite grey, certainly not beige, but a lovely in-between.  Is this the color called taupe, perhaps?  Whatever, these are gentle and really special. 

With them we have a vibrant contrast skein in Lava, a wondrous red-orange, that glows and stands out beautifully against the Ash.   This is dyed in the same yarn as a 50g skein (about 218 yards). 

This will be a wonderful shawl to knit and to wear and keep away the winter blahs....




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