Leaf Lights Evocative Guide/ A Jane Thornley Design

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Jane has done it again. I didn't think it was possible, but she has come up with another absolutely wonderful "Guide" to take us on a knitting journey that is simply scrumptious.

Here is what she wrote:

"I'm still deep in the green zone. My tulips are poking up, I donned sandals as early as March some days, tossed off my jacket. If this is global warming, bring it on! However, I do recall springs like this way back when as a child. Are things really so different or are all matters cyclical? Well, no matter; I'll enjoy everything while it's happening and worry about the meanings later, much later. In the meantime, I offer you an adventure in organic lace, leaf lace.

"One day I had a brain stew from which emerged a giant leaf, a wrap I've called 'FROND'... (see the photo to the upper right and the first few photos below).... Yes, it really looks like a big, lacy, leaf. In fact, one day I had it spread on the floor and my husband yelped as he walked in, thinking he'd descended into a rain forest. And, yes, tropical growth is definitely the inspiration here.

"A modified feather and fan, the veins and stems form naturally for the frond via an organically-grown lace that evolves into a big, luxe, leaf. Work it from any hand-dyed yarn..." (and Jane gives suggestions of course, while encouraging us to find our own muse, yarn-wise especially). Inside the guide, amid the 30 pages of lush illustrations, you'll also find two other designs: a scarf called 'Blade' and a kimono-style top called 'Leaf Lights'. We have the photos below as well -- Blade is the fourth picture, the lovely scarf. And the kimono style top is shown as the last two pictures there, front and back.

Please be aware, that if you would like to join Jane's "Inspired Knitter's Club" and/or purchase this beautiful thirty page piece via PDF, you should go to her website where both of these are very available.

What we offer here on this web page is simply a hard-copy of the Leaf Lights Evocative Guide that we print out and mail out to you. For those who prefer this.

There is so much inspiration and beauty within these pages --Jane is truly awe-inspiring and we are honored to be able to offer this to you here.


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