Leaf Wreath/ Kits with Beads

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Cosmic Silver
Cosmic Silver
Leaf Wreath as knit by Cdninswe (Rav Name).
Leaf Wreath as knit by Cdninswe (Rav Name).
Leaf Wreath version by Geekay (Rav name)
Leaf Wreath version by Geekay (Rav name)
Leaf Wreath by Mosil1949
Leaf Wreath by Mosil1949
Detail of Mosil1949's shawl
Detail of Mosil1949's shawl
By MsWolpe (Rav name) in lace weight
By MsWolpe (Rav name) in lace weight

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Another beauty by Hayley Tsang Sather, Leaf Wreath is a strikingly lovely shawl with optional beads and a glorious look.  

The pattern for Leaf Wreath should be gotten directly via Hayley's Ravelry page.  What we offer here is yarn and beads for knitting this beautiful creation. 

The Design

This is how Hayley describes this:

If you have always wanted to knit a Niebling but are intimated by the complexity of his designs, then Blattkranz is for you. It is one of the simplest Niebling and a perfect pattern for someone new to lace yet interesting enough for seasoned knitters.

Blattkranz Shawl – Leaf Wreath is a deep crescent-shape shawl based on the Herbert Niebling pattern of the same name, Leaf Wreath in English. 

Blattkranz is worked from the top down with increases throughout the body. The original pattern, in half, is a half circle. I incorporated patterns to the two edges for a softer deep crescent shape.

I hope to continue modifying these amazing designs – Blattkranz is the third one after Quadratische Decke (QD) and Pfingstrose (Peony) – into a more wearable shawl shape with well illustrated charts and clear instructions so more knitters will discover and enjoy the magic of Niebling.

Blattkranz uses approximately two skeins (874y / 800m) of fingering-weight yarns. It may also be knitted in lace-weight yarn for a more open look, or sport-weight yarn for a denser fabric and larger shawl...

Blattkranz may be knitted with or without beads. 

Hayley rates this as suitable for an advanced beginner to intermediate knitter. She notes that it is a fairly simple pattern as far as a Niebling goes. "There is no pattern on the WS rows except for the ptbl on the RS ktbl and two k/p on the RS double YOs. Attention is still needed to follow simple sequences within each chart."

Do note however that the pattern is written as charts only. There are no step-by-step written instructions.

It makes a large, deep crescent, with a size that is only adjustable by weight and needle size. The sample shawl (first photo on this page) is 23” x 53” (59cm x 135cm) with a stretched out top edge of 61” (155cm). If you prefer a larger and more open-lace shawl, go up a needle size or two. 

The Yarn and Colorways

We are not offering the exact yarn or colorway to match what Hayley used in her original. 

Following the lead of a few of the finished shawls on the Project Pages, we have put together knits using Madeline Tosh's Tosh Merino Light, 100% merino wool with 420 yards/ skein.  This is a single-ply yarn that is simply delicious. 

Each kit will include two skeins. Note that the test knitters used between 692 yards and 962 yards.  This kit will give you 840 yards -- if you would like a third skein, contact me and if we have it in stock, we will work it out with you.

We have two colorways that you can choose between.  

1.  Cosmic Silver is overall a tonal blend of pale grays, with speckles and dashes of bright colors (I see purple, teal, lime, fuchsia, and gold). 

2.  Submerse is a rich and vivid cool blend of teals in varying tones plus some subtle dashes and speckles of green and wine.  (Sorry, sold out)

The Beads

Hayley suggests using about 900 of either size 6/0 or 8/0 round seed beads.  As the kits are of fingering weight yarn our kits will include size 6/0s, roughly 75g, which will give you well more than you need. 

(If you would rather have the smaller 8/0s, just let me know.) 

If you have a preference on bead color, tell me.  Otherwise I will choose for you. 

I will likely be going with beads that match or are in the general color family of the main part of the yarn.  If you would like beads to "go" with one of the contrast colors (speckles or dashes), let me know.  


Reminder:  The Leaf Wreath pattern should be gotten directly via Hayley's Ravelry page.