Lilacs of Spring: A Bird of Paradise Bracelet

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Another variation on the lovely Bird of Paradise bracelet designs, this one sings to the lilacs that bloom in the spring.  


A mix of daggers, a mix of 6/0 beads plus striking 6mm fire polish crystals, all in the overall lilac/violet/wisteria color families combine to make a lovely tribute to the flowers of spring. 

Knit on a lilac metallic polyester thread and finished with a leaf clasp in a contrasting copper, the whole is simply lovely.  

(BTW, if you would prefer a silver clasp, just let me know.  It might not be the leaf shape but we have other really nice filigree ones in silver plated toggles that will look great.)

Your kit will include everything you need except the needles (I used size 0s).


Note that the kit will not automatically include the pattern.

Many of you have made very similar bracelets and may not feel you need the pattern at all.  That's great.  In that case, select "No Pattern Needed" from the drop-down menu. 

The pattern can be gotten either emailed to you or printed out -- the drop-down menu also offers these options.