Linientreu/ Kits with Rialto Luxury Sock

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Coachella Rialto Luxury Sock with Black 4Ply
Coachella Rialto Luxury Sock with Black 4Ply
This is a photo of Ute's original piece.
This is a photo of Ute's original piece.
This is a photo of Keisenmann's original piece.
This is a photo of Keisenmann's original piece.

Only one kit left -- the Coachella with Black. 


Linientreu by Ute Nawratil is a really lovely and unique design.

Please note however, that the pattern is only available here on Ute's Ravelry page.

The Design

Here is how Ute describes it:

I designed ‘Linientreu’ with the intention to find an alternative way to use yarns with short gradients (I can never resist to buy those!) without getting too many horizontal stripes.

‘Linientreu’ (‘In Line’) is a semicircular shawl, alternating equilateral triangles and simple garter stitch rows. The triangle modules are joined by knitting (no sewing necessary!) The right triangles at the border edge result from short rows.

The Yarn

I contacted Ute to get permission to show her photos -- you can see her original pieces on this page.  

The yarn we offer here is not the same as the one she used. She said that  any yarn with short gradients would work well, and honestly I fell in love with another one on her Project Pages.  Take a look at the lovely piece by Keisenmann (Rav name) which used Debbie Bliss' Rialto Luxury Sock -- we show her shawl here too, with her permission. 

Now, this Rialto Luxury Sock yarn is quite lovely indeed. 

A plied yarn of 75% Wool/ 25% Polyamide with 437 yards/ 100 grams, the Rialto Sock has those great color runs which allow it to form delightful designs just with the color alone. Then combine it with this great pattern and -- whoosh!  Blown away. 

We needed to find a solid color to act as a foil or background color.  These kits will be paired with Debbie Bliss Rialto 4Ply, a100% SuperWash Extrafine Merino Wool and with 198 yards/ 50 grams either black and white.  

Each kit will include two skeins of Rialto Luxury Sock and either two of Rialto 4Ply in black or in white.  

The Colorways

We originally selected a few colorways --- none of these are the same as the one Keisenmann used -- but that we think they will look great. I went for ones that really sing with vivid hues. 

They all sold out but one: 

  Coachella:  A vibrant and fiery color combo, with golds, oranges, rose, greens and purple.  We are pairing it with the 4ply in black.  

The Pattern

Remember that the pattern must be gotten directly from the designer here on Ute's Ravelry page.

This will ensure that you get all updates and help that evolves with the design. 

The kits consist of these lovely yarns only.