Lisette/ Sweater-Shawl Pattern from Gourmet Crochet

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And oh, this is such a beauty!

From Carolyn Christmas of Gourmet Crochet, we've had our eye on this absolutely gorgeous design for a while now.

Treat yourself to this wonderful meshy shawl with a deep, lacy, scalloped pineapple border. It’s a lacy thing, kinda retro, kinda now and really nifty for wearing on balmy days and cool evenings. And surprise! It has armholes, which make it easier to wear than most shawls.

Original yarn used was 26 (28, 29, 30) oz Lion Brand Baby Soft #920-153 Black, or any sport-weight or weight category 3 yarn -- that translates to 459 yards per 5 oz skein so you want between 2250 and 2700 card (multiply by 1.1 to get the approximate meters needed).

This is striking -- a real heirloom.