Little Leaves/ Pattern from Susanna IC

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I am awe.

I stumbled upon the lovely designs of Susanna IC quite by accident and discovered to my delight that she has "built" many of her designs using Earth Faire beads!

We would love to put together some kits for these beauties and have some great ideas for yarns and beads; however while we work on this, we want to put these up on the website and introduce you to a marvelous new (to us) designer.

Here is how Susanna describes Little Leaves:

"Inspired by lush green leaves shimmering with droplets of morning dew, Little Leaves shawlette with its smaller size will make a great addition to any wardrobe. The design includes beads for extra textural detail, but the lace will look great even if left unadorned.

"This wrap is knitted in one piece starting at the outside edge of the lace section followed by short rows, which give the shawlette its unique crescent form. The elongated narrow shape offers numerous ways of tying and draping without the need for a shawl pin.

"This project is not difficult even for the beginner lace knitter since the stitch pattern is very simple to knit and easy to memorize. The reverse rows are purled and the addition of beads is optional."

Any lace or fingering weight yarn will work for this project -- the original used about 370 yards of a lace weight. Take a look at the beauties we have listed under Yarn in both our lace weight and our fingering weight sections.

This is amazingly lovely. All you need beyond the yarn is about 210 size 6/0 beads.

A really strikingly lovely piece -- should be great fun to make!