Lollipop Scarf/ Pattern by Lucy Neatby

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This one just makes me smile!

Here's what Lucy says:

"OK, so you can't lick this scarf, but it surely is sweet! A simple, yet entertaining, reversible scarf with many possible variations.

"This may easily be adapted to coordinate with your wardrobe. Great for using up lovely small balls of stash yarn.

"This scarf is shown in fingering weight, but may be adapted to work with any weight of yarn. "

Which to me translates into "Fun!"

Size: Adjustable (how long would you like it to be)?

Yarn: Approx. 300 m of background color plus 10 - 20g each of 8 contrast colors.

Needles: Use a needle size appropriate to your chosen yarn. An extra pair of needles may be used to work the Lollipops, if desired.

Techniques: Garter stitch, anchoring in separate garter lollipops.

Skill Level: Beginner - Intermediate.

Unique and entertaining, in both the making and the wearing.