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Our kit, as described on this web page
Our kit, as described on this web page
Chrissie's original piece.
Chrissie's original piece.

Only one kit left in stock!


A wondrous creation by Ursa Major Knits, Lord of the Wings is such fun to make and to wear!

I wanted originally to bring in the exact colorways that Chrissie (the amazing designer) knit in this version here, but alas, they were unavailable. 

So what we have here is a close substitution and I really really hope you like. 


The kit does not automatically come with the pattern.  We have pattern options described towards the bottom of this web page. 


The Design

Here is what Chrissie writes about this design of hers: 

The fall is fast approaching and as the leaves turn golden brown and the air begins to cool, what better way to celebrate this wonderful season than with the elegant Lord of the Wings?

The Lord of the Wings combines some eye-catching feather-boa like flare with the functionality of the savvy shawl wearer! As the Fahrenheit begins to fade, Lord of the Wingswill keep you cosy and snug, warm enough to enjoy the amazing sunsets of autumn.

Lord of the Wings is knitted with two contrasting yarns. You can use two solids or two semi solids, a color gradient combined with a solid, or even two color gradients. ...You can also knit Lord of the Wings with just one very long color gradient, but for this you will need two balls...

Lord of the Wings is originally designed for fingering weight, but you can use any yarn weight you like as there are four sizes: small, medium, large, and extra large.

You don’t need to knit a swatch to define which size you want to knit, as they all start the same. You can decide on the go which size will be perfect for your yarn...

Lord of the Wings is a modular knit, but there will be no seaming involved. You will join the modules as you go.

Several techniques will be required but you will find these explained with helpful photo tutorials at the end of the pattern. All instructions are written and charted and you will graphics to guide you through the knitting process.

Happy Knitting, 
Ursa Major

The Yarn and Colorways

Our kit includes two yarns that combine well, to my eye.  It is not, as I mentioned above, the exact ones that Chrissie used though they are close. 

Now the shawl that we are substituting for required in its original form  Zauberball and XL Kleckseby Schoppel --- 4oz/110 gram of each for the large version.

Unfortunately that is more than is in one ball of each.  Now Chrissie also writes that one ball of each will make the medium version.  

And so!  That is what is intended from this kit.  

We offer here great substitutions in similar yarns in similar colorways, and from the same yarn manufacturer. 

1.  Zauberball 100 is 100% merino with 437 yards/ 100g ball.  The colorway is #2169 and is called Rauchzeichen which translates to Smoke Sign in English.  It is a wonderful play on blues and greys, from light to very dark.  

This is very close to Chrissie's original Zauberball in blues.  

2.  Jeans Ball is a new yarn from Schoppel.  Made up of 75% wool/ 25% nylon, it has 457 yards/ 100g.  This colorway is a wonderful tonal called Müllers Esel (and that simply translates to Müllers Donkey).  It is variations on grey ranging froom very very pale to deep and dark charcoal and a bit of black. 

You will note that this one is somewhat darker than the original XL Kleckse yarn Chrissie used, and picks up the greys instead of the blues.

Your kit will include one ball of each of these.  If you would prefer to make the larger size, contact us -- if we have enough in stock, we will be glad to set you up with a larger kit.  

The Pattern 

All instructions are provided in written and charted form. You will find graphics will help you with any new techniques. 

Note however that the pattern is not automatically part of this kit.

We strongly suggest you get your pattern via the Ursa Major Ravelry page. For this, choose "No Pattern Needed" on the drop-down menu labelled "Pattern". This will ensure you get any needed updates as soon as they are released.

However if you prefer we can also print out the pattern for you -- all 20 pages -- and send it on with the kit.

Alternatively we can also email the pattern to you.

These choices are offered via the drop-down menu above. 



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