Lotus: Kits in Sausalito: Harvest or French Coffee

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French Roast, a close-up shot, in an attempt to show you the nuances of colors
French Roast, a close-up shot, in an attempt to show you the nuances of colors
This and each of the remaining photos shows Chrissie's original pieces.
This and each of the remaining photos shows Chrissie's original pieces.

A wonderful piece that is short-and-sweet to knit -- and simply gorgeous!

Take a look at this design by Chrissie of Ursa Major Knits.  Lotus is perfect.

This was a wonderful design she released one Christmas.  Our colorways are perhaps more reminiscent of Autumn but I quote what she wrote at the time:

Merry Christmas !!!

Again it is time to think about gifts for knitter friends, non-knitting buddies, and family members. Of course, sweaters, shawls, and even socks take a lot of time and ask for more yarn than might be appropriate in every case.

If you are still looking for a nice accessory that looks fancy yet can be knitted in next to no time, the Lotus Cowl and the Lotus Wristletsmight be the right option.

They are designed with Mini Mochi, but any other fingering yarn with a color gradient will do nicely. However I cannot get tired of the fabulous colors the team of Crystal Palace Yarns comes up with. Absolutely gorgeous...

It is rather daring, because there are so many stunning colors, and you can hardly knit them all. At least this would be true if we were talking about projects that ask for a lot of yardage.

The Lotus Cowl comes in two different versions. A larger one that asks for 55g/ 1.94 oz, and a smaller one that only asks for 50g/1.76 oz. That is just ONE ball. The smaller version can also be worn as a headband by the way.

For the Lotus Wristles you will only need 40g/1,41 oz. If you want to knit a matching set, two balls of Mini Mochi will be plenty.

You will find all instructions written and charted along with graphicsand ample photo tutorials. It is a modular yet seamless project that’s truly fun to knit.

This makes it a perfect Christmas gift to knit or to present the pattern to a knitter friend along with a nice ball of yarn.

And to add icing to the cake, all it requires for a beautiful cowl plus matching wristwarmers is any fingering yarn with a nice color gradient.


What we have for these kits is a few colorways instead of Crystal Palace's Mini Mochi is  Crystal Palace's Sausalito.  

Sausalito has since been discontinued as the Crystal Palace folks decided to retire from the yarn business.  So once this is gone, it truly is gone.

This is a two-ply cousin of Mini Mochi.  Like Mini Mochi, it offers gorgeous slow-stripes, but with an extra tweedy effect.  This yarn is named after the Northern California town of Sausalito, a place full of color and artistic flair, with a little chill held at bay by light and warm shawls, sweaters, socks, lace etc.  The loftiness of this yarn makes it work up anywhere from a fingering to sport.

We have two colorways left in stock that you might like to try out here:

Harvest is reds and oranges of many tones plus some golds and teals. Vibrant and a wonderful spot of color in the monochromatic winter landscape. 

Harvest will give you a look very similar to the one you see in the top photo. 

French Roast is a very interesting colorway.  At first glance, it is a deep dark brown.  On closer look, there are not only browns of varying intensities from an almost-black through an espresso into a softer chocolate, but there are also whispers of subtle greens and purples.  Quite rich and deep.  

This kit will include two balls, enough for either-size-cowl-plus-wristlet set.  Choose your colorway from the drop-down menu and have a tremendously fun time!


The Pattern

Please note that the pattern is not automatically included in this particular Kit. 

You can purchase it directly from Ursa Major’s Ravelry Store.

This way you will have the pattern saved in your Ravelry library and get any updates issued as well as a direct line to pattern support.  In this case choose "No Pattern Needed" from the Pattern drop-down menu.

If you would prefer our printing it out for you, that option is on the drop-down menu.  Or I can email it to you -- just know that this is not automatic.  I have to send it manually and generally do so right before shipping.