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This is a real beauty with a rather odd name.  

About ten years ago, we worked with Kelly and Laura of The Unique Sheep on a club they had named The Seven Deadly S(p)ins.  One design, created by Ellene Warren and named Lust just really stuck with me.  

And I recently came across the original kit for this beautiful cowl and thought of asking Kelly to dye up some sets of yarn for this. 


To quote the designer:  Lust is a lacy, knitted collar, embellished with knitted and crocheted flowers and leaves, plus pearls.

It is really lovely.


As of right now, you should plan on getting the pattern directly from Ellene on her Ravelry page here.


What we can offer is a specially dyed yarn set, dyed in Verve2 (100% superwash merino) with 280 yards/ 70g in Lust Red (a true red as you see in the photos).  Each kit also includes two mini-skeins in a 75% Superwash Merino/ 25% Nylon blend, 46 yards each:  one in Lust Pink and one in Lust Green.  

In other words, you will have more than enough of each colorway to duplicate the original look you see in these photos.

Kelly seems to have renamed each of the colors -- the American Beauty Rose was the original name of the red for the flowers,  Lust Pink remains the same, and Leaf Green was the original color name for the leaves.  


If you should want them, we have some 10mm pearls from Swarovski that we can include in your kit.  These are optional in the design. 

We set this up as an option via the drop-down menu.  

Right now we have limited quantities of Rosaline Crystal Pearls in the 10mm size.  These are a lovely pale pink.  


(Note that the pattern calls for buttons which are not included in the kit.)