Maddau Scarf/ Pattern By Abigail Phelps

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This is such fun!

Maddau Scarf was created by Abigail Phelps, the wonderful designer who brought us Dragon's Flight, Dragon's Rest and the Ewyn Wrap.

Here is what she writes about it:

Worked the long way this scarf creates a flutter if you wear it long or a contoured wrap if you wear it around your shoulders.

You may work either a play it safe option that allows for little or no customization or an adventurous option that allows for complete customization of length.

With at least 430 yards, you will be able to duplicate the original size, which ran about 64" long x 7" deep. And Abigail gives you all sorts of options for creating your own -- in a different type of yarn or a different yardage or a different size. This is truly going to be your own creation.

Note that this webpage offers the hard copy of the pattern.

This will be a real beauty.