Maple Leaf Shawl/ Lucy Neatby Pattern

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A beautiful shawl (or even perhaps an afghan) that can be knit in your choice of yarn, from the finest of cobweb lace through to a heavy worsted weight, amazingly enough.

This is truly a versatile lace pattern with Maple Leaf motifs, easily adaptable to many yarn weights and even the size may be tailored to suit the available yarn. There are two shapes you can make this in: either square or zigzag-edged ( with a 3/4 version of either, an option )!

This design is worked in the round from the center out -- or you might choose to make the 3/4 version which is worked back and forth to give a shoulder-hugging shawl.

The pattern is both charted and written row by row. There is very little finishing needed, but it will require blocking.

Lucy gives very detailed instructions and you will find that you have a real partner in her descriptions.

A wonderful project.