Mardi Gras/ Bead Stew Bracelet

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A most fun bracelet, this was designed around our new yarn colorway called Mardi Gras. The yarn was named by Wanny of our Ravelry group and the bracelet you see here is her creation as well, copied with her permission.

On her request, I had put together the colors of the yarn into a bead mix and sent it off to her in a kit. Voila! This is the result.


The yarn colorway has all of the bright and joyful colors of a festival time -- and here are those same colors mixed together to make a carnival for your wrist!

The thread here is a brilliant turquoise though we reserve the right to change that in individual kits depending on stock and overall look -- each bead mixture is just a bit different from the other. The clasp is gold tone, and the beads....ah, the beads! There are turquoise and gold and red and fuchsia and orange and purple and and and and -- glowing and happy.

The kit will have everything you need except the knitting needles (I suggest size 0/ 2mm). If you already have the basic pattern you can opt not to get it. Or choose to get it either as a PDF file emailed to you or as a hard copy. Just make sure the drop-down menu is set as you'd like it before you check out.

Each mix will likely be somewhat different but all leading to "party". We think it will help add that flavor wherever you wear it.