Marie Antoinette / Beaded Kit in Pura Bella Yarns/ Color Choices

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Oh my.

A lovely design plus great yarns and glowing beads; what could be better?

Here is how Anne-Lise Maigaard has created a lovely new pattern, which is intended for intermediate to advanced knitters. The shawl is worked in one piece from the neck and out. Then it is bound off using a narrow sideways knitted on edge.

The result is quite beautiful. You can see a variety of looks on this Ravelry project page.

Specially for this design, we brought back in some really high quality lace weight yarns from Pura Bella. The Wool Silk Lace is made up of 50% fine grade merino wool and 50% tussah silk. Each two ounce skein has 630 yards. This yarn has a lovely sheen and the garments made with this have a beautiful drape. The silk adds a fine luster, while the merino gives that softness and memory of fine wool yarn.

The Kid Mohair Silk is soft as down; truly has to be felt to be believed. This exquisitely lustrous fingering weight Kid Mohair yarn has a silk center core, and its fiber blend is 60% Kid Mohair and 40% Silk. There are 340 yards to each 25g skein. Silky-soft to the touch and a pleasure to work with, it knits up beautifully in all sorts of delicate designs with lace and cables. It is ideal for intricate patterns or in combination with other yarns. And (this is a direct quote from the manufacturer and I love it) -- lovely for weddings. :-)

Well, Anne-Lise had knit her original with a lace weight yarn plus Silken Kydd in a slightly deeper colorway and we are following her lead. The yarns are not the same but the look will be rather similar -- though the colors are completely different -- you can see the yarns we offer for this kit in the inset photo on the top picture and then the three photos below that.. The photos of the finished shawls are shown so you can get an idea of the design. The blue one is by Anne-Lise; the red one is by Wool4Willow and used with her permission.

1. Magenta + Silver Grey : The Wool Silk Lace of this set comes in a rich wine magenta. The Kid Mohair Silk is wonderful Silver Grey with just a whisper of plum to it, adding a lovely contrast to the lace edging. This will be quite striking. (Sorry, sold out)

2. Passion Purple + Lilac : Here the Wool Silk Lace is a rich royal purple. The Kid Mohair is a significantly lighter hue, a lovely pale Lilac that goes with the deeper purple beautifully.

3. Silver Streak + Black: These two colors have a wonderfully sophisticated look. The Wool Silk Lace is a charcoal gray; really lovely. The Kid Mohair is a black, pure and simple. This will look gorgeous indeed.

Each kit will consist of one skein of each of the colorways you choose -- that gives you a bit of extra yardage for each part of the shawl.

Plus about 200 beads are needed, more if you choose to substitute nupps with beads. Anne-Lise leaves it up to the individual if she/he would like size 8/0s or 6/0s. Each kit will include size 8/0 beads, closer to 400 beads so you have lots of options. If you decide you'd prefer the larger size 6/0s, please contact me and we'll set up what will suit you.

One other thing -- this pattern is charts only, so if that is not your cup of tea be aware of it.

Note also that the kit will not automatically include the pattern. I know some knitters prefer to get it directly as a PDF file of the pattern from Anne-Lise via her Ravelry web page. In that case, make sure the drop-down menu is set to "No Pattern Needed." Alternatively, if you would like a printed copy, then the "Pattern" drop-down menu should be set to that. We also can email the pattern to you via email (just be aware that it is not automatic; I have to manually send it to you so it might take a bit of time for me to get to it).

Let me make it clear that if I email you the pattern, it will not be added to your Ravelry library; if that is where you would like it saved, then please get it directly from Anne-Lise as noted above.

So there are two drop-down menus to make sure to set as you would like before you check out. Oh, and btw, the pattern is charted only, not written out, so if that is a factor for you in choosing a project, be aware of it.