Me oh Maya/ Beaded Shawl Pattern by She-Knits

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Oh my.

Me oh Maya indeed!

A most unusual beaded design by she-Knits, here is how Sharon (the unique designer) descrubes this:

"Me oh MAYA is a bead as you go lace and slip stitch small shawl/scarf (not triangularly shaped) - fun fun fun - work her in sport weight or fingering weight."

The pattern includes links to mini-You Tube tutorials, specific to stitches listed within the pattern. Please note that the version we offer here via this web page is a hard copy, nine pages, via charts only, printed out for you on heavy weight paper. If you prefer Sharon's pdf version, that is something she carries on her Ravelry pages.

Basically, this beauty requires either sport weight yarn or fingering weight yarn, with slightly different gauges and thus somewhat varying final dimensions.

Size after blocking and Gauge after blocking: With Sport weight - Approx. 80” end to end and 18.5 ” highest center point/ with fingering weight about 72" end to end and 13.5" at thehighest center point.

If you decide to use sport weight yarn, you will need about 525 yards of color A and 80 yards of color B (contrast color). In fingering weight, it owuld be 410 yards color A, and 60 yards of the contrast color B.

No matter which weight yarn you choose, plan on 800 (810 to be safe) size 6/0 seed beads which are added as you get to them via a thin crochet hook.

This is quite an interesting design, one that we think you will find most engaging to make and delightful to wear.


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