Mayuri Shawl/ Kits: Beaded and Not (Your Choice!)

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Sky Blue
Sky Blue
This photo, as well as all the rest on this page, shows Dee's original piece.
This photo, as well as all the rest on this page, shows Dee's original piece.

Only one kit left!


This is a real beauty.  


The Design

Here is how Dee O'Keefe describes her new Mayuri Shawl:

Mayuri is a top-down, crescent lace shawl with a dramatic scalloped border that cascades into beautiful and feminine curls at each end.

When I design, I love to mix lace cultures—what I like to call multi-national inspiration. Mayuri’s body pattern is composed of pretty Shetland eyelet columns that resemble little stacked roses while the predominant border design is an Estonian peacock stitch pattern. The name of the shawl comes from India and is a Sanskrit name meaning peacock.

The Yarn and Colorways

Dee gives dimensions and yardage on the pattern for fingering or sock weight, preferably solid or tonal yarn. As shown on this page, the original shawl ended up with a size of 74” x 20” (relaxed after blocking). Test knitters used between 640-690 yards of fingering weight yarn.

Note though that we are not offering the same yarn that Dee or any of her test knitters used.  Ours is also a fingering weight yarn and will make for a lovely piece -- you can see these in the inset photos on the top picture and again below that.  Dee's original piece is shown on these pages so you can see the design well.

The yarn we have here is from Ella Rae, their fingering weight yarn with 100% superwash merino wool that has 460 yards/ 100 grams. 

Each kit will include two skeins so you will have well more yardage than you need to duplicate Dee's shawl. 

Bear in mind that the size is easy to customize by working more or fewer repeats of the Shetland eyelet motif on the shawl body— full instructions are provided in the pattern, including how to calculate yardage and stitch counts for any size.

And indeed this pattern could be used with heavier yarn as well -- I think I see multiple Mayuris in my future.  :-)

We have three tonal colorways you can choose among: 

1.  Bluebells is a lovely blue, a touch on the violet side, with variations in tone ranging from light to somewhat darker.  The overall look is delicate and delicious.

2. Venus is a light red-violet, so light that it approaches pink.  It again is tonal, with variations of light and dark within the skein.  This one comes very very close to the colorway that Dee used in her original piece. 

3. Sky Blue would better (in my opinion) be called Caribbean Sea.  It is a glorious Capri Blue, a tonal mix of intensities, that has the depth of the ocean to it and the calmness of the tropical sea.  Gorgeous.


Dee wrote to me

I was this close to putting beads on Mayuri, I swear. So I think that would be a super good one for beads.

So I thought we'd offer this beauty with the option of getting size 6/0 beads (about 400 of them, probably a bit more) or without.  Where you put them will be up to you  -- along the bind-off edging perhaps or within the lace design itself.  

Beads would look great in a high contrast color-- perhaps the silver lined crystal shining like stars -- or alternatively as a color that blends a bit more with the yarn colors (as if beads can blend; they catch the light beautifully). 

If you have a preference on bead color, let me know.  Otherwise I will choose for you. 

The Pattern 

The Mayuri pattern includes both charts and full written out instructions for those of you prefer not to use charts.

Get your pattern via Dee's Ravelry page.  This will ensure you get any future updates and will store the pattern in your Ravelry library.