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Another set of yarn that I decided to try sight-unseen.  They are sold by a German company called Garnmanufaktur as a hand-wound color gradient.  

The fiber composition is 80% superwash wool/ 20% nylon and each ball is 400m (that's roughly 440 yards)/ 100g. 

To quote the website: 

The hand-wound color blur consists of 5 colors. 

A ball is sufficient for a pair of approximately identical socks to size. 

The first sock is knitted from the outside to the inside and the second sock inside out, the middle is marked. 

Thus, the balls are also perfect for knitting two socks at the same time.

The yarn is made up of many plies but they aren't wound together.  Again I quote: 

These appealing gradient yarns are made for you in our creative yarn factory.  All these different color gradients are handmade.  By using up to 8 different colored yarns, the skein reaches its unique combination of color.

The change in color is done by knotting together the single threads. The endings of the threads are left long which makes it easier to use them until the end -- so please do not open the knots.  Stroke over the ends of the thread at the end of a colour and simply knit or chrochet these threads.  If there are any threads left at the finished model, just cut those off if need be.  



Given all that, we have two colorways for you to try out.  The last photo on this page shows them as knit into socks -- though, of course, you can use the yarn for whatever you like.   :-)

Amelie consists of bright happy colors:  gold, lilac, pink, blue, and rose (and then they repeat in the opposite order).

Antonia is jeweltones:  royal purple, violet, fuchsia, turquoise, emerald (and then repeat opposite).  


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