Mechita:Yarn for Knitted Border Leaves

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Svetlana's original
Svetlana's original

I love the designs of Svetlana Gordon.  They tend to be very unique and intriguing to knit while still being well-explained and not at all hard to follow. 

This is one I have been looking at for a while. 

The Knitted Border Leaves could be a stand-alone necklace; it could decorate shawls, or scarves or hats, or really just about anything.  

Please make sure to get the pattern directly from Svetlana on her Ravelry page.  What we have here is not so much a kit as a skein of yarn that would look great with this pattern. 

Svetlana used about 65g of Malabrigo's Mechita to make a piece that measured roughly 9 cm wide (that's about 3 1/2") x 290 cm (about 114") long.   You could, of course, make yours longer or shorter.  

Her original was knit in Arco Iris, a colorwaythat contains the colors of the rainbow. 

We went with two colorways that sing of nature and summer and leaves!  You can see our selections in the inset photo on the bottom lefthand corner of the top photo and again below that. 

1. Ninfa is a color that talks of the deep depths of a forest, with dark greens ranging from evergreen into teal with only a suggestion of sunlight and sky.  

2.  Indiecita is a bright summer forest with leaves with varying brighter greens, a touch of blue, purple shadows, and some pale yellow sunlight peeking through the canopy.