Medici Coat/ pattern by Jane Thornley

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Another of Jane's wonderful free range style patterns. They are like potato chips -- bet you can't make just one!

Here's what Jane says about it:

"Inspired by the Medici, a family of art patrons who ruled Italy during the Renaissance, this jacket will wrap you in opulent texture for the chill days of autumn and beyond.

"Pictured in harvest colors, these purple grapes, soft yellow-greens and olives form a half-jacket, half-wrap, knit in a sumptuous feast of yarn. Indulge your fiber fantasy. Everything and anything can be knit into this jacket.

"Stitches are a simple concoction of seed, garter and yarnovers knit on size 7.5mm needles with front bands and cuffs seeded in size 5mm.

"The back and fronts are worked side to side to create a linear flow and the bottom side seams can be left open partway to enhance the easy, loose effect. The drop sleeves are full and luxe to add renaissance flavor further enhanced by a lace collar.

"A single button or scarf pin keeps it all together or you could add buttons all the way down. Knit a longer version for a full-length coat. The pattern is one-size, being loose enough to fit sizes 10-1X but I’ve provided simple real-life sizing tips so that you can easily adapted this design to fit any measurements."

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Difficulty level: intermediate.

Fun level: Very!