Merengue from Trendsetter: Tipico

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A brand-new yarn from Trendsetter. 

Here is how they describe it: 

A 100% natural fiber with all the fun you expect from a Trendsetter Yarn.

Soy and cotton come together and are then dyed with an elongated dye structure that goes from natural to a dark color. Along the way, dye splashes and color streaks create added color detail.

Pick up a skein of this yarn... and experience the fun of this self-patterning yarn for yourself.

Each pre-wound cake is made up of 50% Bio Cotton/ 50% Soy and has 302 yards/ 100g.

We decided to bring in one colorway to try out and at first look (and feel) I am quite impressed.  The colors are clear and rich and the feel is quite cool and lovely.

We brought in color #5 also called Tipico.  It combines white and gray, pink and turuqoise and black and gold.