Merino Mia Six Pack: Smoke Gets In Your Eyes

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Find Your Fade
Find Your Fade
Don't Panic
Don't Panic
Dotted Rays - Speckled Fade
Dotted Rays - Speckled Fade

Back in stock, though supplies are rather limited!


This is a wonderful set of gradiently dyed yarns that blend (fade) one into the next.  

I thought that the folks at Prism Yarns put it very well indeed: 

Check out our Merino Mia Six-Packs: six coordinated colors in distinct color stories, packed in a vinyl envelope, with a pattern leaflet featuring three different project options. What a great gift idea for the knitter who might not know what they want to do (and when did we ever know exactly what we want?)

Merino Mia is one of their high quality fingering weight yarns, 100% Merino Super Wash, each skein being 2 ounces/ 190 yards.  

Each package includes a number of free patterns, one for Fingerless Mitts and Cowl, another for a scarf, and this Eccentric Chevron Shawl.  

With its 1,140 yards of beauty, there are a huge number of patterns that this would look great with.  Combine the six gradient skeins with a solid and the sky is the limit!


The colorway we brought in is called Smoke Gets In Your Eyes and is a play on greys.  We chose this as it allows one to choose a dramatic contrasting color in a solid if one wishes or to stay with a neutral like black or cream.  

The first skein is the Prism colorway called Ikat Grey and is a blend of lighter greys and cream.

The second skein does not have a name, just a number (it is one of their very early colorways that has stayed the course).  Called simply 301, it is a silvery grey. 

The third skein is Fog, a lovely tonal mix of light grey, medium grey, a bit of charcoal, lilac and some taupe.  

The fourth skein is again without a name, numbered 701, and is a tonal mix of deeper greys some approaching black with a few lighter tones as well. 

The fifth skein is Smoke, one of my favorite of Prism's colorways.  This give syou black and charcoal with purple and blue in a marvelous blend of hues.  

And the sixth is 702, a lovely blend of varying depths and tones of charcoal.  


If you would like some suggestions on patterns, feel free to contact us.  

Here are just a few off the top of my head (so to speak): 

Nim Teasdale's Don't Panic or her Delicious Solitude.

Ambah O'Brien's Xandra Wrap or her Kimba or her Bambara.

Andrea Mowry's Find Your Fade or her Free Your Fade.

Stephen West's Speckled Fade


And I am sure there are lots more that would be wonderful wonderful wonderful!