Merrymaking!/ Pattern by Melissa Lemmons

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I love that we can offer this great shawl pattern now, as it is perfect for the holiday season!

This web page offers the pattern as a hard-copy, all 12 pages printed out on heavy-weight paper and slid into a sheet protector.

Designed by Melissa Lemmons, the amazing creator of the Nouveau Beaded Capelet, this one was especially created to celebrate her one year anniversary of publishing knitting patterns. But it is perfect for celebrating just about anything. Here is how Melissa describes it:

Sometimes you just need to celebrate. Today I am celebrating one year of publishing knitting patterns. Whether you are celebrating a wedding, a graduation, a new dress, or a pretty day, this stole brings the party with you wherever you go.

All that is needed is 600 yards (550m) of a lace weight yarn for a finished size is about 72”/183cm long and 11”/29cm wide

And the pattern contains both charted and written instructions.


What is needed to make this amazing piece is 1566 size 8/0 beads. Now Melissa wrote this about the beads:

There are four different streamers. All four can be beaded in the same color or you can use different colors. Each long streamer uses 451 beads. Each short streamer uses 332 beads. I used two colors of beads. The long streamers used silver lined, matte finish purple beads. The short streamers used dark green lined, transparent green beads with AB finish.

So that is what Melissa used in this you see here, her original. Of course you can create a very different look with different yarn and different beads -- and isn't that what this is all about? To create your own unique individual beauty.

All beads are placed individually using the crochet hook method.


A fun piece, perfect to add to the glow of the lights this time of year!