Midnight Lariat: Beaded Kit

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A simple knit with awesome results!

Combine stockinette stitch with brilliant randomly-placed beads and knit as long as you like. Then add some fringe using the cast-on and the cast-off strands, beads again, and wonderful charms!  

The result is our Midnight Lariat, a wonderful neckpiece that can be worn in so many ways!  Double it around your neck with the fringes hanging in front (or in back or at the side).  Wear it as a single open piece.  Wear it knotted around itself.  

The sky is truly the limit here. 

Your kit will include a 50m spool of Silk Serica in black -- I barely used half of it to make a necklace over a meter (a yard +) long.  

You wil get a container of about 240 6/0 beads in brillliant metallic colors.  I chose to omit any silver and put them on sparingly so my lariat has just a few scattered beads that complement golds, hidden within the whole.  And I ended it all with two fringes (you could add more if you'd like) of beads and golden charms.  

You might choose to add more beads -- you'll have plenty.  You might choose to add more fringes (knitter's choice here).  You might choose to use some silver beads and have your charms be silver -- I have lots of those in interesting shapes and forms and creatures.

The only thing I need you to decide ahead of time --- use the drop-down menu above -- is if you'd like your charms to be silver tone or gold tone. 

This is a very easy knit.  


Pattern Note:  The overall "how-to" is very very simple and you might feel quite comfortable without a pattern.  However, if you would like one, I've written it out and you can order it via the Pattern drop-down menu above.  



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