Midwinter's Hush/ Kits with Bead Option

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Kit #1: Dead Calm
Kit #1: Dead Calm
Kit #2: Horn
Kit #2: Horn
Simone's original shawl.
Simone's original shawl.

Midwinter's Hush is a beautiful shawl beaded (or not) by Simone Kereit

Please make sure to get your pattern directly from Simone's Ravelry page What we offer on this web page is yarn and the option of getting beads as well to knit this lovely. 

The Design

Here is what Simone writes: 

Dark winter night, last snowflakes fall 
onto pine trees strong and tall. 
The stars above sparkle like snow 
which lays below, bends branches low.

In frozen snows I lay asleep 
on pine trees high, on mountains steep. 
In Spring I melt and trickle down, 
down to the soil that’s deep and brown

Bottom up shawl is written for 2 sizes and in 2 different weights of yarn. 

Instructions are available both charted and written (line by line)

I used to shy away from bottom up shawls as the amount of stitches to cast on seemed interminable, however with this shawl, I placed picots into the cast on edge and suddenly the counting of stitches became a breeze! Plus it gives the shawl that lovely edge that you often only find on top down designs! Both these things make me extremely happy :)

The size of this shawl can also easily be adjusted, by increasing the cast on stitches in increments of 25.

The Yarn and Colorways

Simone knit two versions of this.  One used Blue Heron Yarns' Rayon Metallic and one used a fingering weight yarn (Palette from Knit Picks).  We have put together different yarns in two of our kit choices and a very different colorway in one.  

You can see what we offer in these kits in the bottom righthand insert photo on the top picture and again below that.  The other photos are used with Simone's permission and are all © OwlCat Designs.

She recommends between 425 yards and 665 yards (389m - 608m).  

If using Sport/DK weight yarn (Blue Heron Rayon Metallic): 
Size A uses approx. 515 yards/471 m 
Size B uses approx. 665 yards/608 m

If using fingering weight yarn: 
Size A uses approx. 425 yards/390 m 
Size B uses approx. 550 yards/505 m

Finished Sizes A (B) (Blue Heron; sport/DK) 
22 (26)”/ 56 (66) cm center back depth, 
54 (68)”/ 137 (173) cm wingspan

Finished Sizes A (B) (fingering weight)
20 (25)”/ 51 (64) cm center back depth, 
50 (58)”/127 (147) cm wingspan


Our first two kits we offer here (our Kit 1 and Kit 2) use Madeline Tosh's Tosh Merino Light + Glitter, each skein of 90% merino wool/ 8% acrylic/ 2% stelllina, with 420 yards (384m) per skein.  Each of the colors we offer for this design have soft subtle threads of silver throughout the yarn.  

It is very hard to photograph these soft silver threads -- they are subtle while still catching the light in a most lovely manner. 

Both of the colorways we offer in Kit A and Kit B are basically neutrals with some additional highlight.  

Kit 1 offers a yarn called Dead Calm.  This is mostly a charcoal gray in varying tones, some deeper some lighter with occasional splatters of gold, some dots of teal, and surprising dashes of green.

Kit 2 is a lighter colorway called Horn.  This is a creamy ecru at first glance, with sparingly placed  speckles and dots of amber, gold, charcoal and wine.  


Your kit will consist of one skein of your colorway choice, enough for size A.  If you want to make the larger size, contact us and if we have stock we'll set you up with a larger size.  Or simply order two kits.  


Kit 3 as such is sold out, sorry....It consisted of one skein of Blue Heron's Rayon Metallic plus the beads as discussed here.  If you check this link though you will see that we do have other colorways of that gorgeous yarn though, and honestly some of those colorways would be perfect for this design.  


The design by Simone is written so you can add beads.  She does write, however, that you might find adding beads to the Rayon Metallic a bit too much as it already has quite a bit of glitter to it.  

 Simone also writes: Feel free to use less beads, as you could easily only bead the border or certain sections in the shawl and use vastly less beads and still have an amazing shawl!

It really is up to you and your own design sense. 

The kits as offered here are beadless.  There is an option to add beads if you so choose. 

If you decide to knit the Size A shawl, you will need 875 beads or roughly 73g of 6/0s. 

If you decide to knit the Size B shawl (and again a reminder that these kits as they stand have enough yardage for Size A only), then 1,225 beads are needed (about 101g).  

Make your choice and be assured we'll include well more than you need.  

Tell me if you have any color preference on beads. I could see them reflecting the metallic threads (silver for Kits A and B) or mirroring the colors of the yarn.  If you don't say, I will choose for you. 

You will also notice on the photos that Simone used two different colors of beads. We plan to give you all of one color.