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Basis in Black Wine
Basis in Black Wine
Swatch of Black Wine
Swatch of Black Wine
This and the following photos all show Sivia's original pieces and are © vivian aubrey
This and the following photos all show Sivia's original pieces and are © vivian aubrey

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What a marvelous pattern! Perfect for fun and quick knitting, from Sivia Harding, and chock full of lovely beads!

The Design

Sivia writes:

Millefiore is a trio, three patterns in one: wimple, cowl, and wristlets, beaded of course.

This versatile trio is marvelously decorative, like the millefiore, or thousand-flowered beads that originated in Italy. Millefiore beads look very mandala-like, and I thought it a very appropriate name for a beautifuly beaded garment that is knit entirely in the round."

The pattern is both written and charted. The beads are added by two methods: pre-stringing and the crochet hook add-as-you-go technique.

In each piece, the lace pattern begins at the bottom with a scallop, then becomes a charming textured lace pattern that is lightly shaped as it goes up toward the top.

Wimple is long enough to gently cover the head. Wristlets can be worn either way: scallops extending over the hand, or toward the elbow.

Yarn and Colorways

What you need for this is fingering weight yarn, 400 yards. One 100-gram skein should be enough for a wimple and a pair of wristlets, depending on your gauge and knitting style.

The Wristlet ends up approximately 6.5"/16.5 cm around, 9"/23 cm long, measured unblocked.

The Cowl (Wimple) is 10 (15)"/25 (38) cm long, 24 (24)"/61 (61) cm around bottom edge, 20 (20)"/51 (51) cm around top edge, measured after blocking.

Our kits do not use the same yarn as that which Sivia originally knit hers with.  You can see ours in the inset photo on the top picture and again below that. The photos of Sivia's original pieces are there to show you the design.

This yarn is from Trendsetter and is named Basis.  It is composed of 75% Cotton + 16% Alpaca + 9% Cashmere (yum!) and each 50 grams ball has +/- 210 yards.

Two balls will be in each kit so you will have roughly 420 yards to knit with. 


Black Wine is a deep and rich magenta with subtle gradations of color.  The third photo on this page shows a swatch in this colorway so you can see how it works up. 



You will need size 6/0 round or 4 mm magatama seed beads, 60 (180, 222) for pair of wristlets (cowl, wimple). 

We will include in each kit a bit more than the largest number. If you have a preference for bead color, tell me.  Otherwise I will choose for you. 

The Pattern

The kit will not automatically include the pattern and has not been figured into the cost.

Knitters can get it directly as a PDF file of the pattern from Sivia via her Ravelry web page.Then you will automatically get any updates and also have a copy saved in your Rav library.  In that case, set the "Pattern" drop-down menu to "No Pattern Needed." 

Or you can get a printed copy, sent along with your kit.  Make sure the drop-down menu is set to that.

We also can email the pattern to you as a PDF via email (please be aware that it is not automatic; I have to manually send it to you and generally do that right before shipping your kit).

Just make sure that drop-down menu is set as you would like before you check out.